Robert Drake

The Curmugeon that Steals


Robert was orphaned at a young age and spent a chunk of his younger years as a Little in one of the Thieves’ Guilds in the Warrens of New Kiddensburg. Robert was taken in by a bard named Baldrac the Flat-footed when he was ten. The old half-elf had caught him trying to pick his pocket, and “as punishment” forced him to become his apprentice. Robert never did manage to pick up the performance arts necessary to use bardic magic, but Baldrac had picked up a number of neat rouge skills in his travels which his apprentice took to quite well.

He eventually left Baldrac’s apprenticeship at sixteen and signed on with the Telmera, the very Thieves’ Guild he’d left. The Guild staged a kidnapping of the daughter of one of Altaria’s senior members of parliment, Frederick Armstrong. Both to get Armstrong, who had been cracking down on crime, off their backs and make some coin at the same time. Robert was disgusted by the Guild’s willingness to put an innocent in harm’s way to get what they wanted and smuggled her out of the Warrens and back to her father. The Armstrong was so grateful, he rewarded Robert with both a pardon and an invitation to the Academy of the Royal Guard. Robert accepted and has spent the past five years at the Academy.

Robert Drake

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