Feir Jamenson

The Most Intelligent Oaf


Feir is the son of two worlds. His father is a human adventurer, and his mother an elven maiden. Feir’s father doesn’t like to talk about what happened to his wife nor why it was him that raised Feir, but he retired from adventuring and became a merchant sailor. As soon as he was of age, Feir joined his father’s crew, learning the ways of the sail and fending off the perilous sea. That’s how Feir first learned to hold his own in battle and traveling and trading as he did, he became more worldly than many his age.

Feir and his father had taken on passengers once and were on a routine run to Ymmur when the ship was attacked. Pirates attempted to board the vessel, but Feir led an assault on attacking ship and, turning the tide, proceeded to commandeer the pirate vessel. One of the passengers, an army recruiter, was so impressed that they encouraged Feir to enter the service and he did so well on his aptitude tests that he was offered a place at the Academy of the Royal Guard.

An offer that he eagerly accepted.

Feir Jamenson

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