Edgar Von Elric

King of Altaria


Edgar is the monarch of the Kingdom of Altaria. The remaining first-born son of King Frederick, Edgar’s rule has simultaneously been the most fruitful and most tumultuous era in the former empire’s history. He has become known as the warrior king, both because of the conflicts Altaria has been embroiled in during his reign and because of his direct involvement in these conflicts. He’s a celebrated combatant and few might stand before his might.

Edgar has three children. Alicia and Alyssa, the two eldest and heirs to the throne, and Alphonse Von Elric. He was a devoted husband and dotes on his children to no end.

The king has taken ill recently, much to the dismay of his people, and is bedridden. His physicians say that he is recovering and he is said to be giving Alyssa instructions and guidance as she rules in his stead, but he has not been seen publicly in several months.

Edgar Von Elric

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