Aidan's Log: Session One

Session One: Aidan

I’m not entirely sure what to make of my assignment yet. I mean, I know I wasn’t an exemplary cadet, but I don’t know that I deserve this. Putting about the ass-end of the Empire, trying to clean up the messes that others made isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I signed up. In fact, if I’d wanted to do that I would’ve stayed home and kept mucking the animal cages. Still, I was getting a bit restless in Hoenheim and it should be a nice change of pace to be out and about.

As for the rookies I’ve been assigned to, well I’m not sure about them either. Robert Drake and Feir Jamenson, fresh out of the Academy and in fact, the top of their class. But they’ve absolutely no experience in the field and are entirely untested. I suppose I’m nothing more than a glorified babysitter right now, making sure that they don’t screw up too badly and helping them find a way to function well as a unit. Yay.

At least they seem like decent enough fellows. Though I do have my concerns about both of them. Drake seems an embittered sort, easily annoyed by Feir’s shenanigans and seemingly not caring for my persona either. I’m not sure yet if it’s just a quirk of his personality or if this could be trouble down the line. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on it though. He’s also pretty loose-lipped about the fact that he’s got an illicit skill set, not that his profile didn’t say as much either way, though in fairness it was Feir who prompted the revelation. Either way, I don’t think that making that sort of thing public is going to win us any friends. Speaking of Feir, I’m not sure if the half-elf is actually simple or if he’s just playing the part much as I’ve decided to. That’s also something I’m going to have to be cognizant of. I’m not strictly by the book myself and I’ve often found a lot of benefit to acting as I do, but we are agents of the Emerald Palace and as such we can’t afford to act entirely as buffoons.

As for the first few days of the assignment itself, it’s been fairly smooth so far. I say fairly because we have had our problems, but so far nothing catastrophic has happened. I met up with them as they were wrapping up their purchases and we made our way out of the city and into Westhaven. It was raining. A bad omen, but naught that I could do about it. We agreed upon taking a carriage as far as we could comfortably afford and go on foot from there. As it turns out, pointy-ears Jamenson is bad with money and he couldn’t afford the fare. Drake and I both had to spot him some coin so we could even get underway. Oaf.

We got underway, the only other passengers being two rather obvious runaways, no doubt eloping since mommy and daddy disapproved or some such. They’re going to have a rough time of it I’d imagine. A life of privilege in Hoenheim doesn’t exactly prepare you for the real world. Still, they seemed to be in the honeymoon period so I elected not to bother them too much. The weather got worse as we traveled, and in fact the carriage broke a wheel so we were forced out into the storm. Feir insisted on helping right off and in fact Robert eventually stepped in as well. There wasn’t much that I could do so I elected to stay out of the way, merely offering the couple my cloak, being the gentleman that I am. Before too long we were underway again and we made it to town without further delay.

Not much happened that night, aside from Feir insisting on helping pay for the couple’s room when they couldn’t afford one and also insisting on getting himself and Robert three sheets to the wind. Like I said earlier, not too bright, but at least he’s got a good heart in him.

We made our way for Oakvale in the morning after breakfast. It was an uneventful journey until we came across a felled tree. Pointy-ears hopped out right away, ever the helpful one. Though I’m not exactly sure what he was hoping to accomplish. It seemed odd that a tree would have fallen, especially since the storm the night before hadn’t been all that strong. My suspicions were justified, it turns out, because before too long Feir was struck by three javelins and three bandits dropped out of the tree. They likely thought we’d be easy pickings. Boy were they surprised. We quickly dispatched the rogues and searching through their belongings, we ascertained that they were from a local gang. They also had some coin, a flawed gem, and Robert took the leader’s weapon, as it was superior to his own. After that, we cleared the tree and made our way into town.

Feir was wounded so we were forced to go to the local church of Saint Christopher and ask the Sister of Mercy there to heal him. She obliged and our party retreated to the inn. At this point I decided to test my new companions, brushing past Feir and liberating the gem from him. My success in that and the battle earlier had me in high spirits so, I took the liberty of paying for our meals and drinks for the night myself. I then proceeded to liberate the travelling gambler in the tavern of his coin, eventually selling him the gem as well. I gave the others their share, seeing that they’d finally figured out something was awry. (fucking metagamers) I also asked Robert to help me do the couple a kindness and give them thirty gold that we could spare. I shared a drink with my new partners, initiating another drinking contest between the two, but bowed out, favoring the company of a pretty lass that I asked to help me find my room.

Like I said before, I’m not sure what I did to deserve this assignment, but I’m making the best of it.



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