Feir's Journal: Session One

I am keeping this journal so I can keep track of my adventures (and misadventures hehehe). Maybe one day I could take these notes and publish them…if only for the fame and fortune hahaha. The Legend of Feir has a nice ring to it.

So, we finally set out on our first assignment as Royal Guards and I have to say that I am rather excited. We have a good bit of traveling to do before we reach New Kiddensburg and I am hoping to enjoy myself along the way. It reminds me a bit of going on a sailing voyage, the feeling of starting something new with exciting things to come. Though I have traveled a fair bit in my life, I have never gone too far inland. There are stories that I have heard of course, but it will be interesting to see what new things there are to see. And I get to do all this while in the service to the kingdom, which I am proud about to do.

On our way out of Hohenheim, Robert and I ran into our new partner Aidan. Right from the beginning, the man struck me the wrong way. He just has this way about him that makes him seem like he thinks he is hot shit or something. It may be warranted a little though since he has been in the field longer than me or Robert. His skills will probably be useful too, though he is yet to show his powers as a magic user. Not to mention he also seems to have a way with the ladies…
We rented a coach to speed our travels along, which my two party members had to spot me for. I hated that because I don’t like being in debt to others, but it was necessary. Plus, the items I bought for travels are sure to help us eventually.

We have two other people sharing the coach with us; a couple that has most definitely eloped and ran away from home. They both seem very happy at the moment, though it became apparent that they have very little money after they tried to get a room at the first inn we came to and couldn’t. I helped them get the luxury suite because I had the extra coin and who am I to turn a blind eye to a fellow man that is having trouble getting some action hahahaha.

I would also like to mention that before we got to the inn our coach lost a wheel and we had to replace it during a freak rain storm. This isn’t too important though because we got on our way pretty quickly.

On our way to the second town we ran into some bandits whom we promptly dispatched. We got some pretty good loot from them including some gold, a sword for Robert, and a gem. I was the one who pocketed the gem, but it was stolen from my by Aiden in the next town. That really got me ticked because he didn’t just ask, but his intentions were apparently good because he sold the gem and gave us the money. He also gave some of the money to the young couple, though he had Robert sneak on to their persons so they would know. I can respect him a bit more for that, but he will still need to be watched.

I want to say one final note before I end this journal. I need to work on getting Robert to not be such a sourpuss all the time. He is always so annoyed and brooding. I am starting to convince him to party and drink more. I know this is an important mission, but I have gotten his tense ass to loosen up and play some drinking games with me in the bars. This has always ended in hilarity.
All in all, my wounds from our combat with the thieves are healing and we will be getting back to our journey soon.

Galadriel be praised and may her shine blessings upon us.



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